Meet the Perfumer Meet the Perfumer

Meet the Perfumer

L'Artisan Parfumeur's interview with Antoine Maisondieu on À Fleur de Pêche

How would you describe your style as a perfumer?

I would say it's creative, crazy, imaginative. Yet wearable. A real sillage, with a hint of elegance.

What is your motto as a perfumer?

To surprise. To listen and remain open to the world, to others and to emotions. To have the audacity to apply your ideas.

How did you approach the À Fleur de Pêche project?

Peach is a challenge, it isn't an easy project, that's what attracts me. L'Artisan Parfumeur has never made a peach perfume, so it was worth creating one. The challenge is to treat it in a very elegant way while keeping the essence of the peach encapsulated in a fragrance. I am delighted to create L'Artisan Parfumeur's first chypre fragrance.

How would you describe your style as a perfumer? How would you describe your style as a perfumer?
À Fleur de Pêche - Eau de Parfum
It's a real peach and a fragrance that lasts It's a real peach and a fragrance that lasts

"It's a real peach and a fragrance that lasts"

Antoine Maisondieu


With À Fleur de Pêche, Antoine Maisondieu captures the essence of the peach, an elegant fruit that seduced the gourmets of Louis XIV's court. By combining its fruity, floral and woody notes with unexpected ingredients, the unique fragrance reflects all the facets of the fruit, from its juicy flesh to its soft skin and woody core.

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How would you describe À Fleur de Pêche?

It's a real peach and a fragrance that lasts. I wanted to highlight the sensations of the peach. We find its fuzzy and juicy side in the top with the lactones and in its heart, a velvety peach skin with patchouli. Its fruity aspect is enhanced by flowers with a salty touch thanks to calone. In addition to its taste and texture, I wanted to highlight its yellow colour with bergamot and its core with tonka bean.

Jean Laporte, the founder of L'Artisan Parfumeur, is one of the pioneers of fruit in niche perfumery. He works with fruit to bring out its most elegant facets, associating it with a more traditional ingredient. Did you do the same with À Fleur de Pêche?

I wanted to be bold. I like to combine ingredients in unconventional ways, like calone with peach. As I worked on this creation, I've found other interesting combinations like calone and tonka bean. These ideas also come from discussing and interacting with others.

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