« Creating this fragrance was absolutely thrilling, as vanilla has always been one of my favourite raw materials. Vanilla is a rich and precious ingredient which possesses a strong duality, it takes me on a distant journey. »


A bold woman. A passion for creation. A love for vanilla.

Independent and sometimes rebellious, Aliénor gave herself a new challenge with L'Artisan Parfumeur - to surprise by reimagining a popular ingredient: vanilla.

She has always cherished vanilla from a young age. In each of her olfactive creations, she has sublimated this raw ingredient with an original and daring approach.


For Couleur Vanille, Aliénor has assembled olfactory notes in contrasting blocks following a technique specific to that of painters.

Surrounded by artists in her family, she draws her inspiration from Art.

Vincent Van Gogh's painting ‘Chaumière à la tombée du jour' (1885) has particularly inspired Aliénor Massenet in the process of creating her new perfume Couleur Vanille.

The small clear paint touch at the centre of the painting builds an interesting contrast she wanted to recreate by associating a touch of the Immortelle flower with vanilla. Difficult to dose, the Immortelle is used to soften the gourmand note of vanilla thus offering a new facet to this black flower.


Aliénor Massenet often thinks of her perfumes in terms of shapes, colours and materials.

It took her seven attempts to conjure up this bold creation of a vanilla gently caressed by a salty sea breeze with a dash of iodine.

She imagined this fragrance by suddenly visualising sailing off the fabled island of Madagascar.

The trade winds swelling with sensual hints and the heat of the sun amplifying the fantasy gently warming her skin.

A vanilla as bold as the artistic flair of its perfumer.

« I always try to surprise myself, that way I am more inventive. »

Aliénor Massenet