A selection of our most iconic, timeless perfumes. These are not simply fragrances, but moments in the history of modern perfumery. Be seduced by the allure of L’Eau D’Ambre. This irresistible scent takes inspiration from master perfumer, Jean Laporte, and is one of the earliest L’Artisan Parfumeur creations. A bold statement, L’Eau D’Ambre adorns you like fine jewellery. Meanwhile, Patchouli Patch cocoons you in a luxurious velvet caress. The scent of crushed petals and fresh earth mingle with the warmth of a wood fire. This classic perfume conjures visions of 18th and 19th century silk traders, who used dried patchouli leaves to protect their precious cargo. Patchouli Patch is one of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s original fragrances from 1978, and has lost none of its allure. At once classic and modern, these fragrances endure and delight. Find your new obsession.

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