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  • Couleur Vanille

    A salted vanilla created around a woody accord of Immortelle flower, reminiscent of the softness of trade winds.

    • Fragrance Note: Bergamot
    • Fragrance Note: Immortelle
    • Fragrance Note: Vanilla from Madagascar
      Vanilla from Madagascar
  • Méchant Loup

    An abstract journey through a woody forest, drawing on the hazlenut tree, bitter sweet resins, praline and liquorice.

    • Fragrance Note: Hazelnut
    • Fragrance Note: Honey
    • Fragrance Note: Liquorice
  • L'Eau d'Ambre extrême

    A trip into the opulence of the 1930s. The scent of luxurious furs, of an oriental breeze, waves of amber and gold spices.

    • Fragrance Note: Nutmeg
    • Fragrance Note: Patchouli
    • Fragrance Note: Turkish Rose
      Turkish Rose
  • Le Chant de Camargue

    Browsing through his travel itineraries/diaries, Alberto Morillas recalled the flights of pink flamingos and the Fêtes des Prémices du Riz - rice festivals - brought to life by the incredible parade of floats.

    But, first and foremost, the floral, powdery, creamy aroma of rice is indelibly etched in Alberto Morillas’s memory. This aquatic, herbaceous plant is dark green to start with. It gradually turns a beautiful shade of amber at the start of the flowering season as it bends beneath the weight of its ears.

    Alberto Morillas creates a fragrance that smells "white" thanks to the aqueous floral notes of Hédione® and Paradisone® coupled with deliciously milky sandalwood and the beguiling aroma of "Camargue rice".

    The tribute to this Camargue treasure trove is so realistic and the blend of aromas and sensations so perfect that you could be strolling through a real paddy field.

    • Fragrance Note: Bergamot
    • Fragrance Note: Camargue Rice
      Camargue Rice
    • Fragrance Note: Sandalwood Milk
      Sandalwood Milk
  • Arcana Rosa

    Nature and matter are the heart of this intangible creation: a pure rose, singed by the perfumer on woody embers to conceive the unthinkable.

    • Fragrance Note: Cedarwood
    • Fragrance Note: Rose
    • Fragrance Note: Sandalwood
  • Mont de Narcisse

    The image is immediate and of immense clarity: a narcissus by the fire, between the untamed vegetal accents and the darker notes of a deep leather.

    • Fragrance Note: Black pepper
      Black pepper
    • Fragrance Note: Leather
    • Fragrance Note: Narcissus
  • Bana Banana

    Today, with the help of Perfumer Céline Ellena, L'Artisan Parfumeur reimagines the never commercialised fragrance that started its story...An amber Banana - a rare, yet rich baroque-style composition - a blend of jasmine and candied bananas.

    • Fragrance Note: Banana Flower
      Banana Flower
    • Fragrance Note: Nutmeg Flower
      Nutmeg Flower
    • Fragrance Note: Tonka beans
      Tonka beans
  • Passage d'Enfer

    A fragrance playing on the contrasting facets of incense; its dry and poignant freshness is rounded by the scent of white musk and lilies.

    • Fragrance Note: Cedarwood
    • Fragrance Note: Incense
    • Fragrance Note: White lily
      White lily
  • Mandarina Corsica

    It all started with a delicacy: an aromatic jewel - a candied mandarin. A jewel of an aroma tasted somewhere between land and sea.

    • Fragrance Note: Immortelle
    • Fragrance Note: Mandarin
    • Fragrance Note: Tonka beans
      Tonka beans
  • Tea for Two

    An ethereal fragrance of rich Chinese tea creating a wisp of warm spices and honey.

    • Fragrance Note: Cinnamon
    • Fragrance Note: Tea
    • Fragrance Note: Tobacco