Four Seasons


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four Seasons

Nature has always been the core inspiration at L’Artisan Parfumeur. Transformed and reinterpreted, nature continues to be at the source of every olfactory creation.

In praise of the perpetual cycle that rythmically divides the year, four new candles pay homage to the seasons. Beginning with spring equinox to summer solstice, from autumn leaves to winter’s snowy coats, each season transforms the landscape into a sensation.

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The day finally draws itself out after months of the sun in hibernation. In the meadows, aromatic herbs stand upright to the sky, revealing their olfactory power.

Thyme in flowers, rosemary, lentisk with its taste of fresh peas, myrtle in white stamens and anise with which one makes large bouquets. Exhilarating, the Spring candle diffuses a vibration synonymous with renewal and lightness.

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At its peak, the sun has yellowed the tips of wild grass. The day seems reluctant to give way to the starry nights. White flowers surrender all their secrets, radiating with intoxicating aromas.

It is the season of jasmine, comforting orange blossom but also neroli’s essential oil, as well as lime tree flowers. The Summer candle exhudes a scent that brings light into the home.

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As the days shorten and the last rays of sunshine sweep the ground carpeted with multi-coloured leaves, chestnuts sleep peacefully in the fireplace.

Evoking at times fresh walnuts, the burning fire, the last lavender browns rubbed between one’s palms, caramelized delicacies, lichen and a cedar forest – the Autumn candle envelops the house with a soft down.

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Outside, everything seems to be covered with frost. As the wood crackles in the fireplace, snowflakes twirl behind the window. The Winter candle holds this comforting warmth which one runs to after the first frost.

A scent of clary sage, parasol pine needles and chimney smoke. A perfume that reunites us with those whom we cherish and of long weekends sheltered from the cold.

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