Premier Figuier

The exquisite sweetness of a nap in the shade of the fig tree. Lulled by the green scent of its leaves, the milky and pulpy scent of ripe fruit and the woody notes of the tree.

The first fig accord

In 1994, Olivia Giacobetti created the first fig accord in perfumery. A hymn to the fig tree, her favourite tree. She dreamed of restoring the smell of this first memory of summer: of the leaves, the sensation of white milk on the fingertips and the sweetness of barely ripe fruit. A fragrance that she found comforting and enveloping.

She imagined an innovative fig accord, very original for its time. Because it is impossible to capture its scent naturally, she recreated it by playing with synthetic materials. She blended the green molecule stemone with the "coconut" nuances of C-18 aldehyde. A combination of herbaceous and milky notes for the scent of leaves and figs to come alive. She emphasized their creamy notes with sandalwood to anchor the woody dimension of the tree.

An original trail, a fragrance of fullness: the inspiring scent of summer. An iconic of L'Artisan Parfumeur.

  • Premier Figuier Extrême

    In 2005, Olivia Giacobetti reinterprets Premier Figuier in an Extrême version, highlighting the sweet notes of ripe fruit on a bed of smooth sandalwood.

  • The bath and body duo

    Premier Figuier shower gel and body lotion prolong the addiction and envelop the skin in a delicate and sensual wake.

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