The Feminine Audacity

For International Women's Day, discover the women who have nourished the delicate and creative signature of L'Artisan Parfumeur with their audacity and freedom.

The audacity of revealing part of yourself

Freedom is being able to put a bit of yourself into perfume. "L'Artisan Parfumeur invites us to draw on our memories to compose inspired, daring perfumes. Like Histoire d'Orangers, which recounts my trip to Morocco", explains Marie Salamagne. Anne Flipo also shares a very personal insight by revealing her childhood memories in La Chasse aux Papillons.

Anne Flipo :

As a perfumer, what does audacity mean to you?

"My vision of audacity is the attempt to reinvent things every day and to project yourself further forward, by listening to your intuitions. Boldness is daring to create something new. Starting with the principle that one must move away from what has gone before."

How do you illustrate this audacity in your creations for L'Artisan Parfumeur? 

"My audacity is best illustrated through my decision to imbue fragrances with my personal memories and inspirations. For La Chasse aux Papillons, I immersed myself in a fond childhood memory, that of my brother and I dashing around sun-drenched gardens hunting for butterflies."

The audacity to take different olfactory paths

Audacity can means transgressing, moving towards new olfactory horizons. For Un Air de Bretagne, Juliette Karagueuzoglou has shifted "seaweed away from food to bring elegance and fluidity to it".

For Céline Ellena, audacity means accepting "unexpected, offbeat and risky projects", such as Bana Banana, where the challenge was to create a note that evokes the fruit itself. Finally, for Aliénor Massenet, audacity means "innovation thanks to new technologies", or more simply put, getting out of her comfort zone.

Juliette Karagueuzoglou :

As a perfumer, what does audacity mean to you? 

"I think that above all audacity is about daring and being willing to continually take risks. This also means creatively, being bold with ideas whilst ensuring they can be reached and understood by their audience. Crucially it means respecting and maintaining their singularity."

How do you illustrate this boldness in your creations for L'Artisan Parfumeur? 

"For Un Air de Bretagne, the audacity came in the decision to work around seaweed, often associated with food, and to put it at the forefront of a creation for a brand as poetic and qualitative as L'Artisan Parfumeur. We had to give it elegance, fluidity, without ever hiding or obscuring it."

The audacity to follow your instincts

Audacity means having complete belief in yourself, in your ideas and in your inspirations. "This is often a difficult challenge, but one that L'Artisan Parfumeur gives free rein to", explains Karine Dubreuil. "I stand up for what I believe in", says Aliénor Massenet, who is known for combining her convictions with her creativity.

Karine Dubreuil :

As a perfumer, what does audacity mean to you? 

"For me it's about being daring, being bold enough to leave the beaten track, which is not easy in our profession as it takes a long time for olfactory trends to evolve. Consumers invariably take time to adapt to new notes or new combinations. In addition, there are so many launches now that it can be difficult to create novelty and surprise compared to the past when launches were rare and quite striking events."

How do you illustrate this boldness in your creations for L'Artisan Parfumeur?

"For Mûre et Musc Extrême the challenge was significant as it had been the house's best seller for many years. I wanted to make it more direct in its red fruit notes, which I pushed and made more gourmand. It is also less fresh in the head to enable quicker access to the musks that I worked with, a far more sensual element, mindful of the softness of gentle skin contact."