The sumptuous and captivating scents of a dreamlike nature.


L’Artisan Parfumeur opens the doors of the Orient and urges to dream. This collection of tales and legends offers an East praised by dreams and fables and celebrates a rich and opulent nature. Being guided by his emotions, the perfumer Christophe Raynaud sowed in these stories some native ingredients of an Orient of wonders: Turkish rose, saffron, cedar, incense. An idealized, reinvented Orient, a nod to the ancestral and mysterious cradle of perfumery.

  • Contes du Levant

    An opulent rose from a dream.

    In a simple and clear writing, the perfumer wanted to capture the green and spicy scent of a damascena rose treated in majesty. This fragrance, entirely structured around the favourite flower of the Orientals, deploys its aura of mystery on the skin.

  • Légendes du Cèdre 

    Once upon a time, there was a rich and sacred wood…

    The perfumer wanted to create an almost mystical emotion of what he nicely calls a "woody nectar" that evokes the warm earth of the Orient. This innovative combination of cedar and fiery spices dyes this perfume with an aura of mystery and makes the journey madly enigmatic.


Discover the ingredients

  • Ode à l’Oudh

    A bewitching flower liqueur with woody nuances...

    The perfumer had long dreamed of a fruit liquor with floral accents, as sweet as a flow of honey down the throat, with the effect almost of a mysterious potion. A signature fragrance with the necessary roundness and comfort.

  • Bois des Sables

    Like a forest of precious woods suddenly emerging from the desert...

    There can be no clearer or more encompassing depiction of the perfumer’s creative obsession, crystallised around one idea: wood, wood and more wood!

  • Fables d’Orient

    A miraculous flower milk with a benevolent vibration.

    You have to imagine a "flower milk" that has been brought to life in the perfumer's mind. It is a material, a texture as much as a smell. Its incarnation is the sun-radiated heliotrope flower with its unctuous and creamy fragrance.


Christophe Raynaud

Perfumery is his universe, and fragrance is his addiction. He likes to start with a raw form, an olfactory block that he will work on for hours, a bit like a craftsman, a sculptor who gives shape to his creation. "At first I am the architect and then I become the craftsman."

For this collection, he wanted to pay homage to the wonderful Middle Eastern culture, its opulence, its luxuriant nature, its colours, and its exceptional raw materials. He wanted to describe this heritage and this wonderful universe bathed in the tales of the Thousand and One Nights.