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Portrait of a Perfumer: Daphne Bugey

"The theme of this mysterious and secret flora and fauna, which blooms at night in all discretion, particularly inspired me." Daphne Bugey


quote marksMy approach is to sublimate the most beautiful natural materials by providing them with authenticity, modernity and harmony.quote

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Becoming a perfumer

What are the origins of your vocation?

Daphne Bugey's passion for perfume began when she was around 10 years old: "I was always trying to recognize people's scent on the street. It was after visiting the fragrance museum in Grasse, that I decided to become a perfumer".

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The ingredients

What is it about the study of botany that amazes you on a daily basis?

"Plants have sensors, to communicate with each other and survive. They exhale scent in order to attract pollinators and reproduce. It's such an inspiring world: I’m incredibly lucky to be able to work with these precious essences, these concentrates of nature in a bottle".

Her vision of L'Artisan Parfumeur

What does L'Artisan Parfumeur mean to you?

For Daphne Bugey, L'Artisan Parfumeur, is above all a House that offers a great freedom of expression and creativity: "The relationship of trust that binds us allows me to feel complete freedom in my way of sublimating and interpreting nature, of telling stories. A craftsman, a creator, must be as close as possible to the raw material, just as Jean Laporte did when creating L'Artisan Parfumeur."

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A few words on La Botanique collection

What nature did you want to portray in this collection?

"The theme of this mysterious and secret flora and fauna, that blooms at night, out of sight, particularly inspired me" explains Daphne Bugey. To transpose this strange and enchanting beauty into fragrances, the perfumer was inspired by nature, playing with colours, textures, shapes, to translate this beauty into olfactory emotions: "I then drew on my experiences to let my imagination guide me."

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