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An artist's portrait: Katie Scott

Katie Scott is an independent illustrator based in London. For her hand-drawn fine line work and digital watercolouring, she takes her inspiration from nature and is influenced by plants and anatomy. Her illustrations depict the abstract and fantasised interpretation of nature of La Botanique.

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quote marksMy style is like a botanical textbook that you shouldn't take too seriously!quote

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Katie Scott

An artist is born

Self-taught, Katie never actually studied botany, instead her first botanical drawings were all fantasy; plants born out of her imagination that she translated on paper. This allowed her to establish her style, which then led to working alongside botanists on more accurate illustrations.

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quote marksThere is still some element of the imaginary about the way I draw plants and animals.quote

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Botanical inspiration

Katie's passion for nature

Growing up in the countryside, Katie was able to wonder off in neighbouring woodlands and farms to explore nature at its purest. Today, she lives in the City but still longs for an escape to nature whenever she is in search of inspiration. Indeed, botanical gardens are some of her favourite spaces, as they allow her to "discover the flora of multiple countries in the space of one garden".

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The creative process

Freedom to explore

As a true artist, Katie's creative process begins with research that helps her to start sketching ideas, which then become the finished drawing. Katie especially enjoys blending heritage and modernity in her illustrations.


quote marksI work with both traditional and digital techniques, which makes it hard to work out exactly how the image was created or how old it is.quote

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Illustrating L'Artisan Parfumeur

A brand with a naturalist and creative flair

Katie Scott particularly enjoyed the freedom given by L'Artisan Parfumeur. La Botanique depicts the incredible wonders of nature coming alive at night: "Smells and sounds are stronger because that's all you have to go on, the experience of a place is completely different after dark."

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