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  • Mandarina Corsica

    It all started with a delicacy: an aromatic jewel - a candied mandarin. A jewel of an aroma tasted somewhere between land and sea.

    • Fragrance Note: Immortelle
    • Fragrance Note: Mandarin
    • Fragrance Note: Tonka beans
      Tonka beans
  • Mont de Narcisse

    The image is immediate and of immense clarity: a narcissus by the fire, between the untamed vegetal accents and the darker notes of a deep leather.

    • Fragrance Note: Black pepper
      Black pepper
    • Fragrance Note: Leather
    • Fragrance Note: Narcissus
  • Un Air de Bretagne
    A fresh and salty marine accord, inspired by the torrential waves of Brittany.
    • Fragrance Note: Cypress Absolute
      Cypress Absolute
    • Fragrance Note: Sea Spray Accord
      Sea Spray Accord
    • Fragrance Note: Seaweed Absolute
      Seaweed Absolute