Official Contest Rules Nominate your lockdown hero




L’ARTISAN PARFUMEUR SARL, with registered office at Zone Industrielle de Beaulieu, 1 Rue Charles Tellier – 28000 Chartres, registered at 805 372 653 R.C.S. Chartres,

(hereforth the “Organizing Company”),

is organizing from 1th of August until 1th of September inclusive, the free game contest with no obligation to buy named “Nominate your lockdown hero (hereforth “the Game”) according to the modalities described in the present rules.



Entry in the Game implies the full acceptance by the participant of the present rules and of the principle of the Game. Anyone breaching any article or articles of these rules will be prevented from participating in the Game and also become ineligible for any prize he/she may have won.




Participation in the game is open to any physical person of minimum age of 18, with domicile in one of the following countries: United Kingdom, France, United States, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and accessing the Internet, excluding employees of the Organizing Company of the Game, or any person who directly or indirectly participated in the design, execution or management of the Game, including members of their immediate family.

Any minor participant shall provide the Organizing Company with a written authorization from the holder of the parental authority (father, mother or legal guardian) at its first request.

A person will be identified by his or her given names, address, e-mail address as self-indicated or automatically stored. The Organizing Company reserves the right to proceed to any means of verification for the purposes of enforcing this article.

 “Participant” is understood as the members of a family residing at the same address with the same name or with same email address.



Participating in the Game is open from Monday 1st of August at 9 a.m. (Central European Time) until Tuesday 1st of September at 12 p.m. (Central European Time) -date and hour of connection as recorded by the Information Technology System of the Organizing Company and/or their certified technical providers.

The Game is accessible 24 hours a day through the website (hereforth the “Organizing Company Website”). Participation can only take place on the internet through the website, to the exclusion of any other means.

To participate in the Game, ‘the lockdown hero’ hereafter participant which has been nominated by a referrer will receive an email linked to a landing page. From there the participant must fill a form with his or her email address, first name and last name and shall give his/her consent in order to be contacted if he/she is one of the winner.

All of the form fields are obligatory. All inaccurate and incomplete registrations will not be considered and may nullify participation. Some registrations that will not be considered are those with inaccurate, fictitious or incomplete addresses, as well as those which fail to meet the conditions as stated under these rules, or send after the Game period as established herein.

A participant (with same email address) can only participate once during the period of the Game.


The winners will be contacted by the Organizing Company through e-mail or any other means that it deems convenient, at the latest 30 days after their date of registration. No email will be sent to the losers.

 It is expressly agreed that the information within the Information Technology (IT) Systems in possession of the Organizing Company or its technical providers will be considered conclusive proof on characteristics of the connection and determination of the winners.

 The winners authorizes the Organizing Company to use their given name, city and country of residence in any kind of promotional or advertisement activity, on the Instagram Profile or any website of the Organizing Company and on any affiliated site or format, without restriction or reservation, being understood that this use does not imply for the winner the right to any compensation apart from the prize won.



There are 20 prizes to win however only one per winner:

- Prize: Gift card and product for an unit price of €150/£135

The winners will receive an email to announce them that they win and in order to get their personal information. The prizes will be sent to the winners according to the personal information given in response of the email. The prizes will be accepted exactly as announced in the present rules. The prizes cannot be exchanged, modified, nor can they be exchanged for a financial compensation or equivalent to the prizes. No change (i.e. date, price) can be requested to the Organizing Company for any reason whatsoever. Any potential claims regarding to the prizes distribution cannot consist in a financial compensation and or equivalent. The winners will have seven (7) days to confirm their prize and their contact details.

The Organizing Company reserves the right to replace the prizes by prizes of equal value without being subject to any claim or complaint.

The winners expressly recognize that the Organizing Company waives any liability for any incidents or damages of any kind related to the use and/or distribution of the awarded prizes, what the winners expressly accept.

Any minor winner shall provide the Organizing Company with a written authorization from the holder of the parental authority (father, mother or legal guardian), which must accept the participation to the Game and the prize won. Failing to do so, the winner’s participation to the Game will be cancelled and he/she will not be entitled to receive the prize.




Participation in the Game implies awareness and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet network, particularly with regards to technical performance, response time when viewing, requesting or transferring information, risks of interruption, connection-related risks, exposure of certain data to potential hacking and risks of contamination by viruses possibly circulating on the network. The Organizing Company cannot be held liable for any malfunctions affecting the Internet, configuration problems or any problem related to a particular navigator.

The Organizing Company does not guarantee that the Website or the Game will function without interruption, or that they do not contain computer errors or that any errors found will be corrected.

The Organizing Company cannot be held responsible for technical malfunctions of the Game, if the participants cannot connect to the Website or play, if the registration data does not arrive for any reason for which the Organizing Company could not be held responsible (i.e. an Internet connection problem for any reason on the part of the user) or if they are illegible or cannot be processed (i.e. if the participant has inadequate computer material or software layout for his/her registration) or in case of e-mail misrouting. The participants cannot claim for indemnities of any kind on those grounds.

The Organizing Company also refuses liability for any material or immaterial damage caused to the participants, their computer equipment and the data stored there, or any direct or indirect consequences resulting thereof, notably on their personal, professional, or business activity.

The Organizing Company forbids any participant from modifying the Game format in any way whatsoever, particularly for the purpose of changing the outcome of a game or modifying its results. In this regard, the Organizing Company reserves the right to enforce equal opportunity between participants, through legal means or any other measures it deems convenient.

Furthermore, any attempt to use the Game outside of the non-modified interface on the Application will be considered attempted fraud. Furthermore, disintegration of the Game, use of personal script or any other method meant to by-pass the Game as foreseen in these rules will also be considered as attempted fraud and will lead to the irrevocable elimination of the participant from the Game.

 The Organizing Company reserves the right to cancel, delay, interrupt, or postpone the Game or to modify all or part of the modalities of the present rules without incurring any liability.



To participate in the Game, participants must provide certain personal information (name, e-mail). In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in regards to any personal data that you might send to L’Artisan Parfumeur SARL, the users may at all times access, introduce changes in and cancel the data by sending an e-mail addressed to the Organizing Company.

The participant may agree to receive emails from the Organizing Company (i.e.: newsletter) for marketing purposes, within the participation form.

This information will be recorded and saved in a computer file and is necessary for consideration of their participation and determination of winners. This information is only used by the Organizing Company for the sole purpose of contacting participants and awarding of prizes.

The participants authorize the Organizing Companies to proceed to any verification of their identity and address. Any false statement, as well as proof of multiple entries by the same person, will lead to the elimination of the participant.



The Organizing Company reserves the right to modify the present rules at any time and to take any decisions it deems useful for the application and interpretation of the present rules. The Organizing Company can inform the participants of its decision, by any means of its choice. The Organizing Company also reserves the right to modify, extend, shorten, suspend or cancel the Game without previous notice, for any event beyond its will, especially Acts of God. The Organizing Company also reserves the right, if necessary to cancel all or part of the Game due to fraud or system malfunctions, including by Internet and information technology systems during the participation in the Game. Furthermore, the Organizing Company reserves the right to not award the prize(s) to any perpetrators of fraud and/or take appropriate legal actions to competent jurisdictions against the perpetrators of these frauds. Any fraudster will be immediately disqualified. 

The Organizing Company cannot be held liable for what is here above established and the participants cannot require any indemnity or compensation of any kind.


These rules are subject to French law without regard to its principles of conflict of laws.

To be taken into account, any claim relating to the Contest must be send in writing to [email protected], no later than thirty (30) days after the deadline for participation in the Game as indicated in these rules.

In the case of dispute on the application or interpretation of these rules and in absence of an amicable agreement, all litigation will be subject to the Courts of Law of the City of Paris