Violaceum Eau de Parfum

This olfactive creation describes the fragility of nature and the passage of time. It symbolises the encounter of floral arts and gastronomy through two new accords: carrot-saffron and leathery-violet.

It takes all of a second for the beauty of a flower to topple over in the darkness. Violaceum pays tribute to the ephemeral character of nature.

In the shade of a forest lies a carpet of violets. Despite their delicate nature, these flowers are not prone to sentimentality. The usually powdery sensation is replaced by an impression of leather.

Daphné Bugey enjoys creating confusion. She combines the violet, cousin of the iris, to an accord of carrot and saffron. This floral composition thereby gains depth. A simple flower can no longer be perceived.

  • Fragrance Note: Carrot-saffron
  • Fragrance Note: Leathery-violet

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