À Fleur de Pêche À Fleur de Pêche

À Fleur de Pêche

The irresistible portrait of a juicy, floral and fuzzy peach. À Fleur de Pêche celebrates the distinct and delicate sensations of a fruit often forgotten by modern perfumery.

À Fleur de Pêche - Eau de Parfum

À Fleur de Pêche Eau de Parfum 100ml


With À Fleur de Pêche, Antoine Maisondieu captures the essence of the peach, an elegant fruit that seduced the gourmets of Louis XIV's court. By combining its fruity, floral and woody notes with unexpected ingredients, the unique fragrance reflects all the facets of the fruit, from its juicy flesh to its soft skin and woody core.

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This is L'Artisan Parfumeur's first peach fragrance and the challenge was to craft it in a very elegant way while remaining as close to the fruit as possible.

Antoine Maisondieu

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