Abyssae: La Botanique's latest award-winning fragrance

An award-winning floral fragrance with a soothing charm, revealing a hidden underwater world of rose, eucalyptus and cashmeran.

Abyssae, La Botanique's latest signature scent

La Botanique uncovers the secrets of a magical nature that awakens at dusk. With Abyssae, Daphné Bugey pens the seventh signature scent of this dreamlike collection. Dive into the very heart of the abyss and discover new hidden treasures.

This Eau de Parfum reveals its soothing powers. Carried by the gentle breath of eucalyptus, the softness of a rose gently held with cashmeran, a sweet and woody note, unfolds in its trail.

  • Fragrance Note: Cashmeran
  • Fragrance Note: Eucalyptus Globulus
    Eucalyptus Globulus
  • Fragrance Note: Rosa Damascena
    Rosa Damascena
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  • Daphne Bugey, behind the creation of Abyssae

    Nature is an infinite source of inspiration for perfumer Daphne Bugey. For Abyssae, she has imagined the scent of an abyssal flora. Experimentation being crucial as ever, it took her thirty-three attempts to find the right balance between notes that make up the soul of Abyssae.

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  • An artist's portrait: Katie Scott

    Katie Scott is an independent illustrator based in London. For her hand-drawn fine line work and digital watercolouring, she takes her inspiration from nature and is influenced by plants and anatomy.

    Her illustrations depict the abstract and fantasised interpretation of nature of La Botanique.

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