The Art of Leather Gift Set For Him

A unique gift set featuring a handcrafted leather pouch and 10ml vials of Passage d'Enfer, Un Air de Bretagne and Premier Figuier.

L’Artisan Parfumeur has imagined a collection which reflects the brand’s artisanal values in order to pay tribute to perfumery steeped in tradition, history and materials. 

It was at the tannery in Grasse in the XIIth century that essences were developed to scent leather gloves. Glove makers developed their expertise in perfumery, reinventing nature through the extraction of delicate aromas and paved the way for French perfumery in all of its glory.

The set contains the following fragrances: 

Premier Figuier - Eau de Toilette 10ml

Passage d'Enfer - Eau de Toilette 10ml

Un Air de Bretagne - Eau de Parfum 10ml


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