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Body lotion

Indulge in a fragrant L'Artisan Parfumeur body lotion and envelope both hands and body in a meltingly soft and delightful scent. Imbued with our signature fragrances, these body lotions sink deliciously into the skin, leaving it silky smooth, radiant, plump and hydrated. Embrace luxury: like an elegant silk gown, these emulsions caress and enhance your natural beauty. Sink into the dappled shade of a garden in Taroudant with Histoire d’Orangers, and be consumed by the scent of bitter orange. Or, delight in the enveloping freshness of Premier Figuier. Here, ripe figs hang from the laden trees and summer is in full bloom. Each lotion is perfectly suitable for all skin types, thanks to its blend of nourishing oils. All that remains is to choose your signature scent.