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A complimentary miniature set

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Couleur Vanille



A vanilla scent inspired by the softness of the trade wind

Aliénor Massenet envisioned an island where vanilla is queen, swept by the salty breezes of the Indian Ocean. The vanilla pod is sun-dried on the island’s red earth, revealing warm notes against the freshness of trade winds.

The sensual and salty contrasts persist and intensify with an irresistibly elegant heart where the fruit of the orchid embraces 'la fleur des sables'.

1.Vanilla planifolia’s long vine grows abundantly on the biodiverse paradise of Madagascar, among 3000 other varieties of orchids including some of the oldest species on the planet.

2.Its flowers create precious green pods which are hand-pollinated during meticulous work.

3.The green pods have now matured into fruits and are harvested while fresh by the island’s farmers. The harvest period starts.

4.These miraculous green pods are then stored for several weeks while they darken, deepen and transform into their delicious destiny.

5.Inspected by hand over 50 times, the pod develops an enrapturing nectar that produces a kaleidoscope of spicy, woody, leathery and smoky aromas: an aromatic range coveted by perfumers.

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