Nature’s delicacies

Easter is a time to savour the sweetness of family and friends, and also an excuse to indulge in sweetness of the sniffable kind. The perfect opportunity to rediscover the range of gourmand fragrances by L'Artisan Parfumeur. The voluptuousness of vanilla pod in Couleur Vanille, the warmth of benzoin in L’Eau d’Ambre, the almond notes of tonka bean in Noir Exquis, the fruity jasmine of Bana Banana, the candied citrus of Mandarina Corsica. A delectable array of fragrant treats to tempt you!

  • Vanilla 

    Native to Mexico, Planifolia vanilla is an orchid now cultivated in Madagascar. Once the pod has turned black after eighteen months of drying, extraction with volatile solvents reveals an absolute with multiple nuances. It is first gourmand, thanks to vanillin, its major component. But vanilla also reveals woody, spicy, leathery, and powdery notes, with a few touches of rum and tobacco. An iconic note of the oriental family, it also lends its charms to gourmand accords. To discover in Couleur Vanille, by Aliénor Massenet.

  • Tonka bean

    The tonka bean is the fruit of a tree growing in Brazil and Venezuela. It is harvested once ripe, to extract the seed one year later. Immersed in alcohol and then dried in the sun, it exhales, after extraction with volatile solvents, almond facets as well as hay and tobacco aromas. The tonka bean and coumarin (one of the main molecules of its organic composition), soften with their powdery notes the full-bodied coffee aromas in Noir Exquis.

  • Mandarin caramel

    Originally from the Celestial Empire in China, the mandarin was introduced to Europe in the 19th century. The cold expression of this citrus fruit offers a fresh and sparkling essential oil, with metallic and slightly sweet nuances. For Mandarina Corsica, Quentin Bisch has created a candied mandarin, enveloped with caramelised notes, delivered using a synthetic note, ethyl-maltol.

  • The fruity facet of Jasmine

    Small and fragile flower with a thousand nuances, jasmine is a highly prized flower in perfumery. Extraction with volatile solvents reveals a faceted absolute, whose fruity tones come from a molecule, benzyl acetate, which naturally gives off banana aromas. Céline Ellena has played with it, dressing it up with sparkling, sweet and balmy notes for Bana Banana.

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