Discovering the botanist's garden

The essence of L'Artisan Parfumeur can be found in Jean Laporte's childhood surrounded by the fields of Auvergne. Guided by his grandmother, he picked flowers and devoted himself to the art of composing bouquets.

This botanist spirit lives on in the refined pastoral quality of La Chasse aux Papillons or Caligna, in the filigree of Les Colognes and Les Paysages collections. Compositions lavish with light, celebrating the sunny abundance of beautiful days.

"In the spring, we would go to pick flowers. Those days were the birth of my vocation as a perfumer, during which my grandmother taught me botany, the scent of flowers and everything related to nature. It was an extraordinary training."

Jean Laporte

"My grandmother taught me how to make a bouquet, not only for the colour, but for the smell. I remember in particular being aware that different species of hyacinths had slightly different scents.

I developed an olfactory acuity, distinguishing the different fragrance notes, which played a huge role in my career as an artisanal perfumer."

Jean Laporte

"The discovery of the smell of moss, bark, pine cones - and also the smell of streams and ponds - made a mark on the sensitive child I was, and left an intense impression on me."

Jean Laporte

"For me, Busset represents the nature I discovered in childhood before the age of 10, which was not only plants, but animals.

I discovered the world through the eyes and actions of adults, especially my paternal grandmother who took me for walks, holding my hand.

This exceptional woman gave me a lot, because she had an absolutely fabulous, observational understanding of nature."

Jean Laporte

Scents with green notes

As spring arrives, L’Artisan Parfumeur invites you to discover Sur L’Herbe a radiating fragrance. Should you be more tempted by a forest stroll, then you’re sure to be delighted by Caligna with its green and fruity notes of fig.


Scents with marine notes

Springtime ushers in the first sunbathe of the year, freshened by a delicate sea breeze. L'Artisan Parfumeur offers you a day of retreat. A joyful walk along the Quai de Seine with Au Bord de L’Eau or perhaps a seaside rendezvous with Un Air de Bretagne.


Scents with floral notes

White flowers embrace the delicate sweetness of spring. Expressing their honey scents in Champs de Fleurs and their radiant sensuality in La Chasse aux Papillons. An ode to Spring.


Spotlight on the ingredients

Come and discover the botanical gardens of
L’Artisan Parfumeur

Filled with the creativity of each master perfumer, each Parisian boutique is a space of expression which invites you on a journey of olfactory exploration. At its heart is a garden. Like an extract from nature, it plunges you into a moment of relaxation and transports you through a gentle blend of fragrances and emotions which are sometimes fantasised.