Eau de parfum

Captivating and generous, discover L’Artisan Parfumeur Eau de Parfum for men and women. Unique and bewitching, each scent immerses the wearer in a fragrant haze. The Caligna Eau de Parfum carries the sunshine and fragrant breeze of southern France, while Nuit De Tubéreuse is a more mysterious scent, exploring the surprising facets of tuberose. From addictive coffee and maple notes to fresh and invigorating bouquets, enjoy a multitude of rare and unexpected notes. The generous Eau de Parfum 100ml bottles arrive in the signature L’Artisan Parfumeur style, encased in dark, smokey glass. Here too you will find the La Botanique 75ml Eau de Parfum fragrances. Embrace the joy of discovery.

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