A flower caught between two worlds

Perfumer Olivia Giacobetti has taken a fresh look at the perfume she composed in 1999, Passage d'Enfer, infusing her signature with new olfactory impact : Passage d'Enfer Extrême.

Enhanced by new packaging with flamboyant red flair, Passage d'Enfer is now available as a shower gel and body lotion.

  • Passage d'Enfer

    Passage d'Enfer

    A flower caught between two worlds

    In the fragrance's heart, perfumer Olivia Giacobetti features a lily that trades its assertive femininity for a more mystical persona. This translucent lily is borne aloft by coils of incense that transport it skyward, offering it eternal life.

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  • Passage d'Enfer extrême

    Passage d'Enfer Extrême

    A "resurrection lily"

    A remarkable flower, synonymous with metamorphosis, became the symbol of this new creation: a variety of lily native to Asia called Red Spider Lily, because of its petals that shimmer in a halo of radiant flames. Defying fate and the limits of time, the dry freshness of incense is rounded off with the scents of lily, creamy sandalwood, benzoin and vanilla.

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  • Bath and Body

    Bath and Body

    Awaken your senses with scented body products

    L'Artisan Parfumeur enriches its Bath & Body collection with a new scent: Passage d'Enfer. A pure and elegant collection for any bathroom. To be used on their own or in complement of your fragrance to intensify the scent.

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Olivia Giacobetti

Olivia Giacobetti is one of the most gifted perfumers of her generation. Trained from the age of 17 at Robertet in Grasse, she created her perfume company in 1990. Her nose, which she affectionately refers to as "ma truffe" in French, has led to the creation of major classics such as Passage d'Enfer(1999) and Premier Figuier (1994) to name but a few.

Today, her inspiration is drawn from a wealth of memories epitomising respect for nature in its finest hour - the freshness of a ripe fig tree, the complexity of wet leather, the delicious fragrance of the cacao tree and the finesse of a tea plantation.