Un Air de Bretagne

Beneath a lively citrus note beats a marine heart, a "sea spray" note restored by an absolut of seaweed. A rare note, dressed in touches of solar and ambergris with the effect of skin warmed by the sun, on a resinous background of cypress.

A salted and marine accord

With the Les Paysages collection, L'Artisan Parfumeur celebrates the landscapes of France. For Un Air de Bretagne, Juliette Karagueuzoglou captures a snapshot of this "rebellious moor"... Brittany with its capricious climate, turbulent sea and dense vegetation, lit by the occasional ray of sunshine.

Beneath the opening surge of bergamot and neroli beats a marine heart - a sea spray effect that Juliette has created with the help of a seaweed absolut. A rare note, which she has adorned with the salty waft of calone, salicylates and an ambergris accord, recreating the scent of sun-kissed skin. The base is extended with the dark, vegetal and resinous nuances of cypress absolut.

A little bit of Brittany in a bottle, conjuring wild flora swept by the wind, the foam of stormy seas, and the bite of salt on the skin.

  • Its travel size format

    Enjoy Un Air de Bretagne at any time with its travel 10 ml format. Ideal for all your outings, travels or touch-ups.

  • A marbled paper

    The craft of marbled paper is a unique know-how which adorns Un Air de Bretagne's unique label. Discover the secrets of its making.