A scented souvenir of Brittany A scented souvenir of Brittany

A scented souvenir of Brittany

Un Air de Bretagne conjures up memories of walks by the sea. Reefs, fresh seaweed and the sea breeze caressing your skin.

Un Air de Bretagne - Eau de Parfum

The Ingredients

In Un Air de Bretagne, ambergris lends its minerality, neroli the softness of the sea breeze, and seaweed absolute infuses notes of iodine and green. Together, these ingredients capture Brittany at its most authentic.



Ambergris has a mineral facet that summons up the scent of sea spray on the granite cliffs.



The sweet scent of neroli is reminiscent of Brittany's sea breezes.



Seaweed absolute captures the iodine notes and greenery typical of this landscape.


Fascinated by the wild Brittany coast, the perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou wanted to capture its iodized oxygen in a bottle.

To delicately evoke the sea sprays, she first composed a marine accord imagined as a salt vapour. A canevas on which she overlayed the absolute of seaweed and the absolute of cypress, which balance the tempestuous heart of the fragrance and also bring a touch of green that evokes Britanny.

On the skin, the breeze gives way to an addictive softness... The storm outside progressively becomes a comforting murmur.

This fragrance comes with its matching sample in order to try the scent on your skin before opening the 100ml bottle, and be able to send back the fragrance if it doesn’t suit you. 

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Juliette Karagueuzoglou

"Un Air de Bretagne is the impression of crashing waves, the fresh, biting, salty spray of the untamed coastline, it's powerful, majestic and luminous."

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Juliette Karagueuzoglou Juliette Karagueuzoglou