Couleur Vanille Eau de Parfum

A salted vanilla created around a woody accord of Immortelle flower, reminiscent of the softness of trade winds.

Couleur Vanille is a fragrance conjured from a fantasy, a departure in the mind’s eye. Perfumer Aliénor Massenet was leafing through an atlas when she suddenly visualised sailing off the fabled island of Madagascar. Trade winds swelled with sensual hints of the land’s astonishing bounty. The heat of the sun amplified the vision and each subtle aroma started to take shape.

"I could smell the aroma of a vanilla pod, subtly bathed in bergamot, everlasting, benzoin and tolu balm, and gently caressed by a salty sea breeze with a dash of iodine. The whole story was there for the taking…”

Perfume is an invitation to a dream, a poem of possibilities. For the master perfumer, exquisite raw botanicals not only suggest the place where they are grown, but also the feelings evoked, and the powerful pull of memory. Particularly, the longing for a place when you are far away.

Couleur Vanille. Where will it take you?

  • Fragrance Note: French sea salt
    French sea salt
  • Fragrance Note: Immortelle
  • Fragrance Note: Vanilla from Madagascar
    Vanilla from Madagascar
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