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Oriental Perfume

Explore golden, rounded oriental fragrances with exotic notes of amber, incense, oud wood, vanilla, leather and spices. These are fragrances to enchant and conjure memories of lands both mysterious and bold. Be softly swept by fragrant trade winds with a spritz of Couleur Vanille. Madagascar’s beauty is revealed through sensual vanilla, bergamot and the amplifying hit of salt. Or, let the subtle warmth of Noir Exquis transport you to a charming French café, bursting with candied delights and the allure of strong black coffee. For the master perfumer, exquisite raw botanicals can evoke the spirit, feeling and allure of the place they were grown. Exquisitely crafted oriental perfume is a journey traced upon the skin, a fantasy come alive. A new adventure awaits. Quench your spirit of exploration with L’Artisan Parfumeur oriental fragrances.