The Ball

The Balls are contemporary objets d’art exclusive to L’Artisan Parfumeur. This French artisanal knowledge to handmake these balls has been passed down from mother to daughter. Carefully handmade by these talented artists, in the North of France, each ball is unique.

From the bewitching scent of the Amber Ball to the fresh and aromatic notes of the Provence Ball, dressed in white, discover the steps of these artisans to handcraft them.

1.First, the terracotta is moulded into a ball shape using a traditional turning technique that gives an even and harmonious shape.

2.The artisan then hollows out the inside of the ball, leaving an opening where the amber crystals will be placed.

3.The delicate carving of the ball can then take place, ornamenting the surface of the ball with patterns that are specific to the artist.

4.Perforations of various sizes are crafted, allowing the perfumed crystals to diffuse their scent.

5.After baking, the Ball is delicately polished and the amber crystals are inserted within. They will be held inside the ball with tissue paper.

The Ball is now ready to diffuse its perfume. Oriental scent for the Amber Ball, exhaling the many, rich facets of amber: an accord with notes of vanilla, patchouli, tonka beans, benzoin, and incense. Fresh and aromatic for the Provence ball, union of lavender, rosemary, basil, and hay.

Its scents are carried by naturel currents of air, and strengthened by variations in heat or humidity. Its magical scent lasts up to two years and can be endlessly renewed by replacing the crystals contained within the ball.