Le Chant de Camargue

Le Chant de Camargue


“Les Paysages” is a collection of fragrances that pays tribute to French landscapes and the nurturing properties of Mother Earth. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration showcasing the finest flowers and plants used in perfumery.

L'Artisan Parfumeur journeys across France in search of ingredients that conjure up images of distant horizons, lands and landscapes. Through his olfactory itinerary, perfumer Alberto Morillas embarks on a journey of discovery, revealing the Camargue in all its glory – Aigues Mortes, Arles and Saintes Maries de la Mer.

Discover Le Chant de Camargue, an olfactory tribute to the Camargue – a region of character with authentic landscapes.


A new landscape by Alberto Morillas

Alberto Morillas is a renowned master perfumer. In 2003, he won the François-Coty Award for best perfumer, and in 2013 he received the Fifi Award for his creative achievements. Today, Alberto Morillas pays tribute to the Camargue, a region of character with authentic landscapes... Browsing through his travel itineraries/diaries,

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Alberto Morillas recalled the flights of pink flamingos and the Fêtes des Prémices du Riz - rice festivals - brought to life by the incredible parade of floats. But, first and foremost, the floral, powdery, creamy aroma of rice is indelibly etched in Alberto Morillas’s memory.

This aquatic, herbaceous plant is dark green to start with. It gradually turns a beautiful shade of amber at the start of the flowering season as it bends beneath the weight of its ears.

Alberto Morillas creates a fragrance that smells "white" thanks to the aqueous floral notes of Hédione® and Paradisone® coupled with deliciously milky sandalwood and the beguiling aroma of "Camargue rice". The tribute to this Camargue treasure trove is so realistic and the blend of aromas and sensations so perfect that you could be strolling through a real paddy field.

"This perfume is my olfactory tribute to the Camargue – a region of character with authentic landscapes."
Alberto Morillas
"I created an ode to ‘white gold’ - Camargue rice. The floral, powdery rice notes are combined with the creamy milk accord of sandalwood and the freshness of bergamot."
Alberto Morillas
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Faithful to the Italian province of Calabria, a terroir known worldwide for its citruses, the bergamot tree is a reminder of gentle spring days.

Its small citrus has a greenish flesh and a thick yellow skin that is harvested in the chilly month of January when the fruit blooms with orange and peppered notes.

In Le Chant de Camargue, bergamot was chosen for its freshness and smoky lavender tones, aromas that bring an unexpected twist to the juice dreamed and created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas.

Ingredient: Bergamot
Camargue rice

Tender and creamy, the aroma of rice is for all a comforting memory of captivating landscapes and simplicity. Gently addictive, the powdery note of rice is unique.

Camargue rice, an herbaceous aquatic plant is being harvested once a year, from September to October, since Henry IV ordered to introduce rice fields in the Camargue landscape.

This accord was reconstituted from raw materials by master perfumer Alberto Morillas inspired by the sensory terroir of the region.

Ingredient: Rit de Camargue
Sandalwood milk

Spicy and creamy, sandalwood milk is a warm and welcoming scent that offers texture to Alberto Morillas’ fragrance. Sandalwood, which is identifiable for its impressive heights and yellow-orange highlights, comes from South-East Asia and is mainly found in the South of India.

The milky accord of sandalwood was reconstituted from raw materials to prolong the woodiness of the rice accord and the intensity of the bergamot essence.

Ingredient: Lait de Santal
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