Soleil de Provence Soleil de Provence

A homage to mimosa

Inspired by the sun-drenched landscapes of Provence, Soleil de Provence asserts itself as a warm smile with a sparkling freshness.

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When imagining Soleil de Provence, perfumer Daphné Bugey drew inspiration from the sun-drenched landscapes of Provence. The colour yellow then came to her, the yellow of the fluffy mimosa flower that only flourishes in winter and earned the nickname “winter sun”, lighting up the road stretching from Bormes-les-Mimosas to Grasse. Sunshine is therefore at the heart of Soleil de Provence, with the sun-soaked ylang-ylang flower and the heat emanating from the balmy notes of benjoin and vanilla.

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It is a fragrance that was created with a lot of freedom and with the intention to sublimate the most beautiful raw materials. Like an artisan, I wanted to be as close as possible to the material.

Daphné Bugey

Les Paysages

Les Paysages is a collection of fragrances imagined by L'Artisan Parfumeur that are conceived like a series of travel diaries. Like olfactive postcards, these perfumes pay tribute to the beauty of France.

Un Air de Bretagne - Eau de Parfum


A fresh and salty marine accord, inspired by the torrential waves of Brittany.

  • Fragrance Note: Ambergris
  • Fragrance Note: Neroli
  • Fragrance Note: Seaweed Absolute
    Seaweed Absolute

Soleil de Provence - Eau de Parfum


A winter walk in Provence. Lemon and benzoin portray a sunny and powdery mimosa.

  • Fragrance Note: Benzoin
  • Fragrance Note: Lemon
  • Fragrance Note: mimosa

Mandarina Corsica - Eau de Parfum


This fragrance evokes beautiful reminiscences of the Corsican landscape, particularly the early Summer, where the nights are heavy with warmth.

  • Fragrance Note: Immortelle
  • Fragrance Note: Mandarin
  • Fragrance Note: Tonka beans
    Tonka beans

Le Chant de Camargue - Eau de Parfum


Landscapes of rice fields, lagoons and pink flamingos. The delicacy of a "milk of rice" flowery and powdered.

  • Fragrance Note: Bergamot
  • Fragrance Note: Camargue Rice
    Camargue Rice
  • Fragrance Note: Sandalwood Milk
    Sandalwood Milk

In both summer and winter, Provence wears a warm smile. I have created this fragrance by translating this radiant joy into scent. I let myself be guided by the feeling of plenitude these beautiful sun-soaked landscapes offer.

Daphné Bugey

The Art of marbled paper

The Art of marbled paper

Each Les Paysages fragrance is dressed in a beautiful marbled paper box, celebrating French savoir-faire. L'Artisan Parfumeur pays homage to the Art of Gifting with a unique gift-wrapping ceremony inspired by the olfactive travels.

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