Natura Fabularis

Six imaginary journeys.
Six unexpected combinations.

Nature Transcended

These gardens are a fabrication of the mind yet their presence on the skin evokes all that is real. Unlike the fragrances that emulate the scents of plants as they appear in nature, the collection of Natura Fabularis, deliberately invents a fantasy, immersing us in a world of whimsy. Leaves become blurred in shape and flowers are ima-ginatively recoloured. Daphné Bugey has created six olfactory dreams. Like the intrepid gardener who orchestrates flowers with wild herbs, she plays alchemist bringing the unexpected to the heart of each formula. The darkest roots reflect the amber glow of the scarab beetle. Fresh petals frequent burnt leaves. Golden sheaves of wheat are drawn to milky clouds. The unusual is found alongside the familiar in so many of these painted scenes.

32 - Venenum

A new world is opened up. Would it be a forest of sandalwood where rice is steamed while drinking spicy chai or a wide golden field of grains?

Venenum awakens memories and souvenirs of India without dwelling upon it. It oscillates between the scent of hot freshly made bread, milky clouds, spicy tea and smooth sandalwood.

No matter where Daphné Bugey has decided to make us travel, the sensation is as gentle as it is enveloping. This venin is so flirtatious that it teases.

2 - Violaceum

It takes all of a second for the beauty of a flower to topple over in the darkness. Violaceum pays tribute to the ephemeral character of nature.

In the shade of a forest lies a carpet of violets. Despite their delicate nature, these flowers are not prone to sentimentality. The usually powdery sensation is replaced by an impression of leather. Daphné Bugey enjoys creating confusion. She combines the violet, cousin of the iris, to an accord of carrot and saffron. This floral composition thereby gains depth. A simple flower can no longer be perceived.

60 - Mirabilis

The play on contrast is immediately remarkable. Daphné Bugey reconciles the superficial world of intrigue with the profoundly sacred. Incense connects us to the early rituals of perfumed offerings to the skies and the gods. The presence of synthetic molecules such as ambrox and vulcanic musk transports us to the future.

On the skin, Mirabilis appears rational yet remains mystical.

26 - Tenebrae

One needs to look through the leaves at the top, to catch a glimpse of the sun which tries hard to shine through this impenetrable forest. Here, we find ancient trees with roots that have formed gnarled sculptures. There, willowy trunks covered in resin grow towards the skies, in pursuit of light.

Tenebrae plunges us into the heart of a mystical wood. A Shamanic forest where incense fumes infuse the pure sap.

9 - Arcana Rosa

Thorny. Impertinent. This rose favours dark suits and masculin spicy notes. It is an ambiguous and full bodied flower. Its strength is drawn from the perfection of the Bulgarian rose which is provocatively burnt on a fire of vetiver roots and cade.

Cedar provides the blaze. Sandalwood brings smoothness while labdanum offers a sacred facet to this scent.

18 - Glacialis Terra

Bare feet on icy ground, sends shivers through the body.

It's as if the freshly sprouted green shoots have been transformed into icicles. Glacialis Terra conjures up a garden of frosted flowers. The freshness is that of a wood at the setting of the sun.

On this imaginary journey Daphne Bugey reverts to an old-fashioned apothecary bottle as inspiration. Inside the bottle, are long strands of vetiver roots infused in an absynthe-laced liqueur.

Photography: © FrançoisCoquerel