L'Artisan Parfumeur invites you to explore the art of layering.


L'Artisan Parfumeur invites you to explore the art of layering. Since the beginning of time, women in the Middle East have been known to combine different fragrance oils to create their own unique fragrances.

This ritual has seven steps that perfume the skin, hair and clothes. It starts with a scented bath, using shower gels, soaps or shower oils, followed by a scented oil applied on to damp hair and skin for better absorption of the scent. Once the skin is dry, a scented body lotion is used to soften and smooth the skin, and an Eau de Parfum spayed all over the body. A perfume concentrate is then applied to all pulse points where skin is warmest, wrists, neck, giving maximum diffusion of the scent. Finally, shavings of oud wood are burnt, bokhour, in order to impregnate hair and clothes with the smoke. In addition to these different steps, the perfume is sprayed again three or four times during the day. A ritual that dresses them in a mysterious trail, an expression of their identity.


Layering has since then gained favour in western countries, in the search for personal personalised fragrances. A daring art, which frees itself from codes unleashing its desires. However, it is advisable to spray the most intense fragrance first, enabling the lighter scents to express themselves. Contrary to popular belief, opposites attract and transcend each other through the play of contrasts. The perfect opportunity to create your own olfactory signature, the one that suits you.

The fragrances of the L'Orient collection can be used in this way offering endless possibilities, from the most musky, to the most woody, amber or spicy notes.

L'Artisan Parfumeur offers you the opportunity to combine the L'Orient collection with some of its iconic scents available in 100 ml bottle, 10 ml travel size or Shower Gel and Body Lotion.


Bois des Sables Eau de Parfum and Couleur Vanille Eau de Parfum

The woody bouquet of Bois des Sables blends perfectly with the gourmand elegance of Couleur Vanille. A delicate airy freshness on a bed of Madagascan vanilla, giving Bois des Sables an unctuous sweetness with a strong base.

Fragrance Note: Cistus Labdanum
Fragrance Note: Patchouli
Fragrance Note: Vanilla

Contes du Levant Eau de Parfum and Mûre et Musc Extrême Body Lotion

The red fruit in Mûre et Musc Extrême enhances the majestic damascena rose in Contes du Levant. This association of delicate fragrances prolongs the velvet effect of the rose petals offering a trail combining softness and opulence.

Fragrance Note: Blackberry
Fragrance Note: Patchouli
Fragrance Note: Rose
  • Mûre et Musc extrême - Body Lotion
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    Mûre et Musc extrême
    Body Lotion

    L’Artisan Parfumeur body lotion deliciously melts onto the skin, leaving it silky smooth and radiant. This emulsion is perfectly suitable for all skin types, thanks to its blend of nourishing oils.

    The body lotion can be used on its own or in complement of your fragrance to intensify the scent. 

    Guaranteed free from parabens and silicones.

    Fragrance Note: Blackberry Blackberry
    Fragrance Note: Musk Musk
    Fragrance Note: Red berries Red berries

Ode à l'Oudh Eau de Parfum and Histoire d'Orangers Body Lotion

A perfect match between two comforting fragrances. The delicate and fresh sweetness of the orange blossom caresses the powdery saffron rounded by the vanilla pod of Ode à l'Oudh, giving a round and comforting heart.

Fragrance Note: Oud wood
Fragrance Note: Orange blossom
Fragrance Note: Saffron

Légendes du Cèdre Eau de Parfum and Mûre et Musc Eau de Toilette

The marriage of these two signatures creates a fragrance with a strong and assertive character. The aromatic opening of Mûre et Musc perfectly balances the creamy warmth of cedar. The sweetness of the blackberry underlines the spicy notes of saffron and nutmeg while retaining the deliciously ambery base, that is particularly appreciated in the Middle East, of Légendes du Cèdre.

Fragrance Note: Blackberry
Fragrance Note: Cedarwood
Fragrance Note: Patchouli
  • Bois des Sables - Eau de Parfum
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    Bois des Sables
    Christophe Raynaud
    Eau de Parfum

    A clear and encompassing depiction of the perfumer’s obsession, this woody bouquet is composed boldly and skillfully. Perfumer Christophe Raynaud explains its nuances: “This fragrance embodies the richness and generosity of woods by combining cypriol, patchouli, sandalwood, gorjum, cedar and gaiac with the smoothness of vanilla.”

    Fragrance Note: Cistus Labdanum Cistus Labdanum
    Fragrance Note: Patchouli Patchouli
    Fragrance Note: Vanilla Vanilla

Fables d'Orient Eau de Parfum and La Chasse aux Papillons Eau de Toilette

La Chasse aux Papillons blends its white flowers bouquet with the delicacy of the iris note enveloped in the white musk of Fables d'Orient. This layering softens the heart of the fragrance while keeping a spicy base combined with amber.

Fragrance Note: Amber
Fragrance Note: Jasmine
Fragrance Note: Iris

Contes du Levant Eau de Parfum and L'Eau d'Ambre Extrême Shower Gel

The union of these fragrances brings together the most oriental scents. The combination of Contes du Levant and L'Eau d'Ambre Extrême accentuates the rose and patchouli notes in the trail. The base becomes stronger, with a more powerful amber scent.

Fragrance Note: Rose
Fragrance Note: Nutmeg
Fragrance Note: Patchouli

Légendes du Cèdre Eau de Parfum and Un Air de Bretagne Eau de Parfum

Un Air de Bretagne adds a certain marine freshness to Légendes du Cèdre, giving it a fresh and powerful start. The heart of the fragrance is therefore rounder and more woody with slight iodine notes.

Fragrance Note: Amber
Fragrance Note: Cedarwood
Fragrance Note: Neroli
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